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Amazon AWS EC2 Blender Rendering Times And Prices


For about twenty cents, I can render a Blender image in two minutes on an Amazon EC2 "g5.12xlarge" cloud computer that would take nineteen minutes to render on my peronal machine.


I've recently started getting into blender. I was more than a little put off by the amount of time it takes to render an image. Looking around for options I found some online render farm services. They seem geared more toward animation and their prices are hard to figure out. Actually trying them seems to be the only way I'll be able to figure out the prices.

In the mean time, I ran some tests on Amazon AWS EC2 cloud computer instances to see how fast they can render and how much it would cost. After going through the various GPU based configurations I ended up with this chart:

The the blue MacBookPro and NVIDIA 1080 bars represent my personal machines. The green bars are the best values from the Amazon EC2 offerings.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that one of the dedicated rendering farms is less expensive, but these's prices aren't bad for the time savings. If I find that the cost is better on the AWS EC2 side, I'll some scripts to help automate the process and do a full write up on how to use the service.

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